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We have two service areas in North Carolina. We serve Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex and surrounding areas known as the Triangle Area. We also now serve the Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Burlington and surrounding areas known as the Triad Area. If you are located in one of these service locations, give us a call today to handle all of your stains and cleanings.

Heirloom Rug Cleaning of NC has taken great pride in traveling abroad and learning from the best rug cleaners in the business, along with our real-world experiences. Having that knowledge and formulating what works the best, we are proud of our deep cleaning process. Each rug deserves to be cleaned based on how it’s made. Not every rug is the same and can’t be cleaned the same. Which is why we’ve set our cleaning process up as follows:

Cleaning Process

    1. Pre-inspection - When we receive a rug, we tag it and take pictures, making notes of any areas of concern. We guarantee a thorough clean and can prove the difference of before and after. With pick up and delivery service included, we want to ensure a trusted experience with your rugs. We handle with care, and document to guarantee no damage.
    2. Dusting - We then perform our dual-stage dusting. Some companies don’t even do a dusting, or some companies incorporate a single dusting. We believe dusting is one of the most vital aspects of rug cleaning so we perform a dual-stage dusting. First, we lay the rug face down and run a dusting machine over the back allowing it to gently beat the dry soil out of the rug. Once this is completed, we turn the rug over and do an “air dusting”. This blows all remaining soil particles away from your rug.
    3. Pre-treatment – After it is has gone through dual-stage dusting, we apply a green certified pre-spray over the rug to prepare the rug for cleaning. We thoroughly go through each step, to ensure we cover every inch of your rug.
    4. Submersion - If the rug construction allows, we then do a full submersion cleaning and shampoo. A submersion can only be successfully done at a facility like ours. An “at-home” cleaning won’t clean your rug the same.
    5. Cleaning - Again, based on the rug construction, we then clean the rug on a raised platform keeping all the dirty water away from the rug.
    6. Rinsing - After the cleaning phase, we then do a thorough rinsing to get all residue rinsed out and away from the rug.
    7. Quick drying - According to the rug construction, we have two processes by which we can dry the rugs. One we use is a centrifuge that “spins” the water out. This process removes 90-95% of all moisture within 3 minutes. The other process vacuums out the water using a proprietary method. It removes roughly 90% of moisture in 8-10 minutes.
    8. Temperature Controlled Drying Room - After the quick drying, we hang the rugs on a drying tower that is 12’ tall and 14’ long. It has 10 poles and can hold 2,000 square foot of rug at one time inside it’s own controlled room. Again, something that only our facility can handle!
    9. Post Inspection - The next day we then take the rugs down and go through a post-inspection to make sure your rug is ready for delivery. Once rolled and wrapped up, it is out for delivery.


Get a brief tour of our facility in a recent video:


When you’re looking to hire a company to clean your rugs, it can be a little confusing and difficult. With Oriental and Area rugs becoming more popular with buyers, it seems more carpet cleaners are claiming to be a specialist. All rugs should be cleaned in an environmentally controlled facility, never at the customers home. Cleaning and caring for Oriental and Area Rugs should always have cleaning processes different from standard carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, there are few companies that have the correct process to safely clean and restore your valuable treasures.

As a specialized rug company, we want to ensure your trust as a customer to our company and to handle your rugs. We offer anyone access to visit our cleaning facilities to show you our process and equipment that goes into Heirloom Rug Cleaning. We will never use hot water to clean your rugs, and we give a thorough dual-stage dusting to prep for cleaning. We promise to never use a standard vacuum cleaner with the beater bar to guarantee safe treatment to your rugs. Lastly, we ensure safe transportation to and from our facilities to return home your rug better than when you last saw it.

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We are the premiere rug cleaning facility in North Carolina serving the Triad and Triangle area. Our process, facility and friendly customer service is what sets us apart. We understand the importance of caring for your rugs, and handling them the proper way.


919-224-9547 for the Triangle location and 336-267-6614 for the Triad location